My wife and I recently had our first child. We knew we wanted to use a doula, and went through the process of trying to determine which was the best for us. There are several important reasons we selected Suzanna Van, and through the pre- and post-natal care she has exceeded our expectations and provided truly exceptional service.

My wife's native language is Mandarin and mine is English. We knew that having a doula who could speak both languages would be a great asset, and Suzanna is fluent in Mandarin and English (and Vietnamese and Cantonese for that matter). But beyond speaking fluently, Suzanna is an effective communicator. She explains things in a manner that is both practical and compassionate. Suzanna's background as a nurse at Women's Hospital provides additional comfort for those who are planning a hospital birth as well as a home birth. The combination of skills she brings from her doula experience are complimented with her work experience as a nurse.

Suzanna is very well organized. She provided an extremely helpful booklet to guide us through the pregnancy process. She was on time and always of use to us both, in particular helping my wife cope with each contraction and guiding her towards a successful delivery.

Suzanna also offers training to help mothers nurse. In the first days after birth, we were both a bit overwhelmed and having her as aresource has been a blessing. In addition, when she arrived we had been dealing with a baby who would not sleep and could only be consoled if we held him, which meant we were not getting the rest we needed. Suzanna quickly taught us how to swaddle our son and he has been resting peacefully for several hours since, allowing my wife to get some much needed and deserved sleep. This is not something one should underestimate the value of!

We know there are lots of choices expectant parents need to make, and it can be overwhelming. We all just want to do what is best for our babies. We can say without reservation, that choosing Suzanna Van as our doula was the best choice for our new family, and we recommend her services without reservation.

Gina & Doug, New parents, Home birth, 2018

If I had to choose one word to describe Suzanna’s nature it would be kindness. She is a woman that anyone would be lucky to know. She is always positive, helpful, and patient. Her knowledge about labour is extensive as she has so many years of experience. Suzanna always knows just what to do, and what may happen next. She knows every labour position, how to ease pain, how to involve the partner in the process, and knows just what is best for mom and baby. She can help and prepare any woman to bring her baby into this world. I was lucky enough to know Suzanna: it would be a blessing for any woman that chooses her as their doula.

Jenni, Registered Nurse & Parent
  Suzanna is a very hardworking and dedicated person with years of experience as a nurse caring for women and babies. She makes an amazing doula because she is extremely supportive and caring and makes everyone feel like family. My experience with Suzanna has been unforgettable. She is simply one of the best. Wanda, Registered Nurse
  I very much appreciated Suzanna’s professional doula help in my labor and delivery of my twin boys. Suzanna worked there as a Registered Nurse before. Almost all the staff (doctors and nurses) knew her and greeted her. My doctor even commented that I hired the best doula in Vancouver to help me. Because of my twins, I had to deliver them in the surgery room. Usually only one support person, my husband, is allowed with me in the delivery room. Once the doctor saw Suzanna, he said that Suzanna belonged to the hospital family and definitely had to stay. Suzanna acted like a professional nurse who answered all my questions and concerns; she even helped with the doctors in the room.
Katherine, Mother of twins | BC Women's Hospital
  I have known Suzanna for more than 10 years. I worked with her when she was a Registered Nurse at BC Women’s Hospital. She has also been a doula for a few of my patients. She is an outstanding doula, one of the very best!
Dr. M. Rosergarten, OB | BC Women's Hospital  
Suzanna is a very patient and kind doula. She provided me with such attentive care for more than 20 hours during my first labour. She taught me many ways to ease my labour pain and supported me until the birth of my baby. It being my first baby, I was very nervous but she gave me lots of support, guidance and encouragement. I'm so grateful to have such an amazing doula!
Jojo, New mother | Richmond Hospital  

I have known Suzanna for 15 years when she worked as a Registered Nurse in the Labor & Delivery Suite at BC Women's Hospital. She has supported so many of my patients. Now working as a doula, I really appreciate her medical expertise and nursing background.

Dr. B. Tan, MD | Richmond Hospital