Doula Services and Rates

I have a complimentary consultation (30 min - 1 hr) with you and your partner to find out if we are a good fit to work together as well as to provide preliminary information about the process.

Areas of service:  Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Surrey, and New Westminster.***


The Complete Doula Package: $1100 to $1500


  • Two prenatal visits in the comfort of your home
  • Unlimited email, text, and phone support
  • Continuous support for you before childbirth
  • Accompaniment during labor until childbirth no matter how many hours it may take, and continuing through the first hour postpartum.
  • One postpartum follow-up visit in your home after the birth



I will meet with you and your partner in two 1-2 hour prenatal classes/consultation before labor at your home to become acquainted, explore your health, as well as discuss breastfeeding, your priorities and any fears or concerns, your birth plan and expectations, and to plan how we might best work together. We also discuss your best ways of coping with pain and fatigue and how you and your partner foresee working together. Also I will teach some prenatal exercises to help with labor and delivery.


When you’re in the early stages of labor, I stay with you at home and help you cope with the pain, stay hydrated, and decide when to go to the hospital. At the hospital, I help you communicate with the medical staff and make sure that you have the information you need to make informed decisions as they arise in labor.

I'm also there to help you stay positive. I provide reassurance, encouragement and perspective to you and your partner, make suggestions for labor progress and help with relaxation, positioning and other techniques to ease the labor pain for comfort.

After Birth:

I usually remain with you for one hour after birth, until you and the baby are comfortable and settled in and your family is ready for quiet time together. I can also help with initial breastfeeding. During your hospital stay, I'm still available by phone or text for any questions or concerns you might have. We will arrange one postpartum follow-up visit once you’re at home to see how you and your baby are doing. During the visit I'll go over the birth experience, baby care, self care, breastfeeding, etc.

I am available to you by phone, text, or email for 4 weeks of your postpartum period.



Postpartum Services: $45 per hour

The first few months following your child's birth is a crucial period where you recover from the birth, and when you and your newborn start to forge your relationship together. Postpartum services are great after the birth of your baby for further education and guidance. I support your family in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable in your new roles as parents.

Depending on your needs, I can come to your home 3-6 hours a day, for 2 or more days per week in the 2 to 10 weeks following your child's birth. I provide breast or bottle-feeding guidance, support with feeding issues, share knowledge on typical newborn development as well as challenges associated with newborn care (ex. infant bathing, infant soothing, newborn massage, etc.).

I can also free up some "you-time" by looking after you newborn baby, doing some light housekeeping or preparing simple meals so you can take a hot shower and catch-up on your self care and recovery. 

Lactation Services (3 Sessions): $450

Breastfeeding challenges are the most common issues that new mothers experience. Using the traditional Chinese method of cupping. I can help with milk let-down, prevent blockages within the milk ducts and mastitis (inflammation of the breast tissue). 

The optimal time for this treatment is 24-48 hours after natural birth or 48-72 hours after Cesarean section birth. 


Translation services

$80 per visit or $500 for up to 8 doctor visits until childbirth.

I can accompany you and your partner to your medical appointments to provide translation. This includes doctor/obstetrician visits, ultrasound visits, non-stress-test, etc.

***Additional $100 transportation charge for Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Surrey